“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible.”

Pricing and Packages

One little Artist


30 minutes
15 digital images minimum
art + polaroid + hyper-lapse video

Little Artists (siblings)


Siblings only, max 3.

30 minutes
30 images
art + polaroid + hyper-lapse video

A Few Little Artists (friends)

$595 + $130 for each additional

joint session for friends (max 5 Little Artists)

1 paper roll per person
40 images minimum (shared gallery)
art + polaroid


Session details:

Each session is 30 minutes. Plan to arrive about 15 mins early to get your little artist ready.

There will be a 4.5 x 7 foot thick white paper laid out. Each child will get 10 pots of child-safe, WASHABLE paint from (INSERT SMALL BUSINESS) and your choice of a pre-mixed color palette to go with your selected genre of music.

Curated custom playlists will be pumping tunes featuring tunes from various music genres – everything from classical and hip-hop, to reggae and punk. You pick! If you'd like to BYOP (bring your own playlist) feel free.

What do I get with the package?

A Polaroid image and hyper-lapse video of your session will be delivered immediately following as a preview of the amazing photos to come.

Adults will receive a complimentary beverage from local business to enjoy while watching (or not watching) their little artist create their original masterpiece.

Photographers Stephanie Bassos and Madeleine Stamper will photograph this magical session and a minimum of 15 photos will be delivered via online gallery, including one of the full piece created.

The painting created during the session will be dried for 12 hours, and you will have a month to come pick it up. You will also have the ability to cut it into smaller sections if desired. Think holiday cards, gifts for the grandparents, and birthday invitations!

What happens after they are done painting?

After the 30 minutes, you will take your child to the bathroom to rinse off in the shower. We like to give them a lollipop to smooth over the process, but not required! Please note that this part of the session will not be photographed or handled by employee's. Don't forget a change of clothes for your little ones!

*Note* this is a non-nude event and all children must wear undergarments either brought from home or provided in our borrowable boutique.

Isn't this like, messy?

Yes, but that's whats great about it. Please come with the expectation that your kid will get MESSY. But here you don't have to worry about floors, walls or furniture getting ruined. There's no rules or restrictions while they jump in puddles of paint, expressing themselves to some good tunes. The best part? You don't even have to worry about the clean up! Watch them in all their glory, then rinse them off at the end. I promise it's easier than you think. Your kids can be fully clothed in outfits you bring (preferably solid colors,) or you can borrow a thrifted outfit from our boutique that we wash and re-use after ever use.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos a week after your event. You will be able to download all the photos from the gallery link with the minimums in your package. Any additional photos over the minimum set in your package? All yours. These are just minimums. No watermark, no fuss, no extra purchasing or packages or sneaky fine print here!

What if my kid won't paint?

We think the sweet spot for this experience is ages 3-7. We've seen younger kids do it, but it's best when they are able to understand what's happening and what they are about to do. Unfortunately, if you book a session and your kid does nothing, the fee is still owed. We will do our best with the situation at hand, but worse case, we can take photos of you all NOT painting, and just hanging out. We are both photographers and are comfortable and confident working with children and will make every effort to bring out the best in them.

Small Minority Owned Business Collab

All of our collabs were chosen from the Chicago Office of Economic Development & International Trade's List of Minority-Owned Small Businesses. If you are a minority-owned small business who would like to be featured at our next event, please reach out at mads@mhphotochicago.com

Covid-19 Protocol

While all in-person events carry some amount of risk, we are striving to create a safe environment for our little ones.

This event is limited to children of adults who are fully vaccinated and willing to provide their vaccination card.*

*If you are unable to be vaccinated for health, religious, or personal reasons, please reach out to us for individual session inquiries and we would be happy to book you a separate personalized package on another date.